Move Managers

Delivering an honest and complete service throughout your moving process, we will turn your new address into your home.


Giving you back time and allowing for a stress free experience, Change of Address provides a team of qualified individuals who prepare you for your move, unpack your boxes and neatly put away all your belongings. Allow us to dust off the boxes and provide a clean and professional service from the beginning, to the end of your transition.

How This Works

Whether you are moving to a new home, condo or apartment, downsizing to a smaller house or maybe your current home just needs refreshing, we have you covered.
  • Consultation

    Change of Address will visit for a personalized consultation, present you with options, and provide an estimate that will satisfy all of your needs.

  • Develop Schedule

    COA develops the schedule with you, coordinates all the activities (including outside contractors if needed), and we get you settled into your new home quickly and efficiently.

  • Relax and Enjoy!

    We'll clean your home, unpack your belongings, arrange the kitchen, place your furniture, make your beds, and everything else needed to get you settled into your new residence.


  • I had a great experience with the Change of Address team in Tucson. They were knowledgeable, energetic, creative, and fun to be around. Recommend them highly!

    DON Corporate Finance
  • I am a frequent work traveler and the move came at a very inopportune time. I was not able to be there on the moving day and opted to use Change of Address to assist in the process. When I came back from my trip I was shocked. Literally 2 days after closing, our house was cleaned, organized and decorated like a home. I would highly recommend their services. What they achieved in a day would have taken me weeks.

    COREY Vice President of Product Management
  • Change of Address came in just after the movers, well prepared and quickly went to work. What struck me about the service was the attention to detail and how they interacted with me to ensure the unpacking went into the right locations and the decorating was to my preference. Having a team to support the move was a life saver. They cleaned our entire home from the baseboards to ceiling fans. Moving can be very long and stressful process. Change of Address gave me a much faster move and allowed my family to start enjoying the new home immediately.

    LINDSAY Real Estate
  • 'Moving' is a pretty straightforward concept - it is getting from one place to this scenario from one home to another. But the term "moving" can also mean 'heart rending'- emotionally challenging at the very least - and on the other end of the spectrum, potentially brutally physically challenging. Change of Address LITERALLY changes all of that. Imagine boxes unpacked, and disposed of; every plate and spoon, glass and crystal item, spotlessly washed. And then your kitchen, and dining room, carefully assessed, and logically and efficiently arranged and tucked away, but not until every shelf and drawer and counter has also been scrubbed immaculately clean. To take it a step further, this same firm has the design capability to arrange your furniture, and even your artwork should you so desire. Offering you a list of preferred providers, you can be assured you will have the best vetted options available to totally complete your home. I can say all of this with absolute conviction, because I was privileged to experience the exceptional services of this company. I hope you are too!

    DONNA Interior Design
  • My family used the services provided by COA in our recent interstate move to WI, and are extremely appreciative of the help that they were able to provide us in the move. From the very beginning, Peggy was actively involved in understanding the project at hand and showed complete interest in making sure the move could be as seamless as possible. Due to several complications with our closing, the date of services to be provided change multiple times. Peggy and her team were extremely flexible with the shifting timeline and made sure they were able to support us no matter what the ultimate moving day ended up being.On the day of the actual move, the COA team came prepared and ready to work. The team arrived a few hours prior to the moving truck so that they could begin a deep clean on the floors and cabinets prior to furniture being set in place. They came prepared with supplies required to make the move efficient, including razor blades for opening boxes, cleaning supplies (vacuum, towels cleaning agents, etc.), paper towels and toilet paper. My husband and I were discussing a month after the move that if we did not have the assistance of Change of Address, we would probably still be eating off of paper plates and staring at unpacked boxes. We couldn't be more grateful for the services provided and felt very fortunate to work with a team of such pleasant, flexible and hard working individuals. We would highly recommend Change of Address to anyone making a move. Read Full Testimonial ยป


We are proud to share a portion of our proceeds with your local Make-A-Wish chapter.